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    300L Gas Cooking Mixer Machine
    Cooking pot; stirring pot; cooking machine
    300L Multi-function cooking machine could roast, braise, stir fry, boil and cook. The cooking machine could be applied into many food business production lines, such as stew, curries, sauces, purees, vegetables.
    • Product Description

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    Equipment overall dimensions
    2033*1430*1760 mm
    Equipment dimensions while lifting
    2033*1530*1805 mm
    Stirrer materials
    Stainless steel 304
    Cooking pot volume
    380 V(Customized)
    Stirring system power
    2.2 KW
    Hydraulic system power
    1.5 KW


    Main Features:

    1. The pot body is made of high-quality stainless-steel materials. Stainless-steel 304 has good thermal conductivity, it could heat materials more uniformly.

    2. Unique and advanced gas appliance design ensures high efficiency and environmental protection.

    3. Good mechanical design and unique gas appliance could heat materials quickly to ensure the safety and efficiency of production.